Spiked Finance is an organization that promotes financial literacy through research, data, and commentary on the financial markets.

Spiked Finance covers a variety of instruments such as equities, fixed income, commodities, forex, ETFs, mutual funds, futures, options, cryptocurrencies, and many more.

The information we provide are:

  1. Weekly newsletter on the markets.
  2. Top down analysis and strategies.
  3. Research reports on different asset classes.
  4. Strategy reports.

Disclaimer: Spiked Finance or any of the members are not registered advisors. Spiked Finance does not provide investment advice. Any information provided is for general information only. Any material that constitutes a recommendation for the purchase or sale of any security is an opinion and any thought of buying or selling an investment should be discussed and advised by your financial advisor. Although the statements of fact in our reports are obtained from sources that Spiked Finance consider reliable, we do not guarantee their accuracy and any such information may be incomplete or condensed. Views are subject to change on the basis of additional or new research, new facts or developments. The investment risks described herein are not purported to be exhaustive, any person considering an investment should seek independent advice on the suitability or otherwise of the particular investment.